Our research is aimed to contribute to development of innovations in the field of safety of civil structures using state-of-the-art technologies. It is focused on simulations, software development, assessment methods by applying a combination of experimental monitoring of specific conditions in laboratory with in-situ verification and creation of database tools.

The research has a perspective in the smart city field within the Slovakia’s national concept of Industry 4.0 focusing on data collection from industrial structures and households for their power optimisation and safety-

The industrial research is targeted on innovations in civil structure assessment aimed on applied research and innovations in the community. The future users of the research are operators of industrial structures, surveillance authorities and self-governing regions. The output will be increase of safety of industrial civil structures like power plants, water works, production facilities and other industrial structures that need to be inspected during their operational lifetime for protection of property and the public of the SR.

Evaluation of the lifetime of structures is necessary especially for operation of industrial structures. Technologies of technical diagnostics, computer modelling and probabilistic approach are used. The aim is to provide such outputs that enable to demonstrate technically that the operator has all tools to ensure required safety functions of the industrial structure.

Based on the results of measurements, a comprehensive assessment of the quality of the civil structure is performed using the software Mathcad. The civil structure lifetime is determined on the basis of lifetimes of all building parts of the structure. At the end are defined corrective actions for safe and economical operation.

A managed ageing database has been developed for saving monitoring data and to support assessment. The aim of the database is to specify information outputs for decision making processes. It includes a graphic module that enables searching for defects and interactive entering of findings. The software solutions have been developed in cooperation with TI8IT that has a strong background in management of software projects.

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