Diagnostics and measurement

JUNOZ, s.r.o. has equipment for non-destructive testing for examination on site. The workplace has all preconditions needed for diagnostics, both from technical and long-term experience aspects.

Within diagnostics of structures, we perform the following measurements:

  • experimental and laboratory analyses,
  • visual inspection,
  • capillary tests,
  • ultrasonic testing of materials

    Ultrasound is used in the field of pressure vessels, pipelines or in automotive and aeronautics. Internal defects of materials, surface and volume defects like bubbles, poor penetrations, cracks, doubling, pores, pore clusters are identified by ultrasound. The testing enables identification of the material thickness and corrosion.

  • Testing of materials by georadar

    Georadar can be used in industrial buildings, transportation infrastructure including roads and tunnels, support walls, engineering networks, residential buildings. The outputs are effective measurement and high quality data processing including visual outputs and draft solutions. Based on request, we can process technical documentation for the client. Georadar is able to show location of supports in bearing elements of reinforced-concrete structures, under-surface voids, defects of road and bridge structures, individual layers of transport construction, archaeological structures, engineering networks including cabling, water and gas mains.

  • measurement of temperature fields,
  • humidity measurement,
  • measuring the thickness of steel and building elements,
  • measuring the quality of coatings,
  • hardness measurement of metal sheets and gaskets,
  • measuring of crack and crack behaviour,
  • crack depth measurement,
  • adhesion measurement of the surface layer, concrete,
  • strength measurement of concrete elements,
  • carbonisation measurement,
  • detection of rebar, reinforcement and other metal building elements,
  • detection of inbuilt steel liners,
  • specification of the depth and diameter of reinforcement in concrete,
  • cavity detection,
  • measurement of technical vibrations,
  • technical endoscopy,
  • measuring of electromagnetic field,
  • detection of fluids,
  • determination of physical and mechanical properties of concrete


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