Satisfaction with quality and professionality of our work is proven not only by continuously raising group of clients and business partners in various spheres but also by repeated orders or long-term cooperation.

We approach each project individually, focusing on improvement of communication level between the client and the designer within all stages of project solving. We are flexible and we always can adapt to needs of the client.

Beyond the relations mainly initiated by doing the business itself, we endeavour to create also partnerships that do not represent immediate commercial utilisation. Active participation in expert organisations and associations brings new inputs for performance of our activities to reach our goal. It allows us better to identify requirements of existing and future clients as well as better to communicate ideas presented by our company. By participation in and cooperation with international organisations, we contribute to improvement of quality of education of our expert team and overall development of our company.

Our experts are members of several international organisations including:

Year 2016
Service type
After-cooling suction discharge
TG 11, 12 coolers deaeration
Containment cabling covers
Channels mouthing into CS