One of significant factors influencing the competitiveness of JUNOZ, s.r.o. is the implementation of IMS.

The company has elaborated a complex document containing description of existing activities, processes and relations within external and internal environments. The integrated management system handbook defines processes and procedures in the field of quality, environment and labour safety.

Thanks to using the IMS, the company is more convincing in the B2B environment and guarantees quality of the most suitable and safest solution supported by many expert and technical skills and equipment.

Individual IMS systems have been certified by a renowned certification company SGS.

The certification is valid for the following areas:

  • engineering services,
  • designing,
  • strength calculations,
  • technical due diligence of buildings,
  • non-destructive testing, measurement, analyses and inspections,
  • research and development in the field of building structures,
  • lifetime evaluation and ageing management of building structures and technological equipment.

Currently, when the competition is growing, our company has decided to become distinct in the market using various permits and certificates. Therefore, we are a reliable supplier from the pre-design preparation up to the very end of implementation.

The company has fulfilled criteria of Slovenské elektrárne as a qualified supplier for deliveries affecting serviceability and safety including nuclear safety.

The company has been included among qualified suppliers for the areas:

  • designing of mechanical and technological part,
  • designing of civil part,
  • designing of electric part.

JUNOZ, s.r.o. has always passed external audits of Slovenské elektrárne, a.s.

A successful solver of design documentation who is able to meet demanding requirements of Slovenské elektrárne can quickly adapt to any qualitative demands of any client.