Technical due diligence

Technical due diligence includes a process of systematic review, analysis and assessment of physical characteristics of a civil structure. JUNOZ, s.r.o. has a wide experience in technical due diligence at various projects.

The due diligences were prepared for various stages of the project, starting from the study preparation up to the assessment of technical conditions of existing buildings. The assessed buildings included industrial structures, office buildings, hotels, shopping centres, storage areas.

The due diligence includes a detailed technical assessment of the building, assessment of technical equipment of the building, load bearing and non-load bearing structures, foundations, surfaces, facades, roofs, construction details etc., as well as proposals of corrective actions with a maintenance plan and estimate of investment costs. Our services also include an assessment of fire safety and environmental reports. During the process of undertaking technical due diligence, defects or deficiencies of the property might be found out that could have an impact on the asset during its lifetime.

The benefits of undertaking a technical due diligence:

  • understanding of the actual condition of the property,
  • assessment of suitability of the property for its intended use,
  • understanding of total financial demands,
  • providing a foundation for price evaluation of the property.

Technical due diligence and main parts of the record:

  • overall description of the building,
  • architectural and civil engineering part,
  • statics,
  • technical equipment of buildings,
  • engineering structures,
  • check measurement with records,
  • external surfaces,
  • environment,
  • list of useable and non-useable civil structures,
  • corrective actions,
  • maintenance plan,
  • cost budget.

Individual activities of the technical due diligence can be provided also independently. In case of your interest in further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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