Currently, when the competition is growing, our company has decided to become different in the market using various permits and certificates. Therefore, we can cover the project from the beginning up to the implementation.

Since JUNOZ, s.r.o. has always passed external audits of Slovenské elektrárne, a.s., we are holders of the Certificate of performance of external audits and Certificate of qualification for SE.

A successful solver of design documentation who is able to meet demanding requirements of Slovenské elektrárne can quickly adapt to any qualitative demands of any client.

A strong pillar of the company providing for its stability and quality in the market is the designing team consisting of experts holding authorization stamps of the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers in the following categories:

  • engineer for technical, technological and power equipment of buildings,
  • engineer for terrestrial constructions,
  • engineer for engineering constructions,
  • engineer for construction statics,
  • engineer for building structures,
  • engineer for complex industrial constructions.

In the portfolio, the company offers also knowledge and experience of an international designer of welded structures who has passed expert examinations in the Welding Research Institute, fire protection specialists and environmental impact assessment specialists.

The company team members continuously extend their expert capabilities by passing additional education and by participation at international conferences.

In 2014, the company applied for inclusion in the list of enterprises pursuant to Art. 129 of Act No. 25/2006 on Public Procurement and on modification and amendment of some acts, as amended. Thanks to the registration in the list of enterprises, the company has extended the scope of services.

In 2016, the company has arranged extension of expert knowledge in the field of radiation protection for their employees and thus it has achieved a certificate of expert capability of an external service provider in the controlled zone issued by the Public Health Authority of the SR.

Furthermore, the company has the following certificates for the NDT area:

  • UT,
  • PT,
  • UTT,
  • VT