Component deliveries

JUNOZ s.r.o. is an exclusive representative of HAM-LET in Slovakia.  HAM-LET has been active on the market since 1950. We offer solutions for stainless-steel pipe fittings and valves to various industries.

In cooperation with HAM-LET, we ensure deliveries of the following products:

  • fittings, screwed fittings from stainless steel, threaded and welded-on adapters
  • hoses
  • quick couplings
  • needle valves
  • control valves
  • check valves
  • safety valves
  • quick-closing membrane valves (UCV)
  • special valves
  • pneumatic drives
  • manometers
  • sampling stations

The mentioned products are delivered for industries:

  • nuclear and other power industries
  • petrochemical industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • gas industry

Download the HAM-LET catalogue with particular products http://www.ham-let.com/images/Fittings/hamlet/flipbook/flipviewerxpress.html

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